The Two Drovers Novel By Sir Walter Scott

The Two Drovers Novel By Sir Walter Scott: ‘The Two Drovers’ was written between 27 June and 15 July 1827 and published as the second tale in Chronicles of the Canongate, First Series, on 30 October 1827. For further information on its compositional history click here.

Because the story describes an earlier time—about thirty years before the date of its telling—and tells of a way of life unfamiliar to many readers, the narrator begins by describing the occupation of the drovers, men who herded highland cattle from the fairs in Scotland down across the border to markets in England. The two drovers of the story, Robin Oig M’Combich, a Scottish highlander, and Harry Wakefield, an English lowlander, are classic representatives of their cultures. Robin embodies the fierce spirit of the Highlands: he takes pride in his skill as a drover, his highland heritage, and his name, taken from the most famous of the highland outlaws, Rob Roy, his grandfather’s friend. Harry Wakefield takes pride in his work and his prowess as a fighter.

Chrystal Croftangry, narrator of Chronicles of the Canongate, presents ‘The Two Drovers’ as an illustration of the Highland concept of honour. Set in the late eighteenth century, it involves a dispute between two cattle drovers, the Highlander Robin Oig M’Combich and his friend Harry Wakefield, a Yorkshireman. When they put up together at an inn in Cumberland, a misunderstanding arises over pasturage for their cattle. The hot-tempered Harry, egged on by local bullies, challenges Robin to a fist-fight in the English manner to settle the question. Robin refuses, insisting he will either fight like a Highland gentleman with a broadsword or appeal to the law. Harry knocks him to the floor and promptly forgets the quarrel. Robin, leaves the inn, walks twelve miles to fetch his dirk (Highland dagger), and returns to kill Harry with one blow. He then gives himself up to justice and goes to his execution, happy to give his life for the life he took. Chrystal Croftangry claims to have been present at his trial as a young lawyer.

The Two Drovers Novel By Sir Walter Scott

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