The Name of the Wind Novel by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind Novel by Patrick Rothfuss Book free Download

The Name of the Wind, also known as The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One, is a heroic fantasy novel written by American author Patrick Rothes. This is the first book in the ongoing fantasy trilogy, The Kingkir Chronicle, followed by Wise Man’s Fear. It was published by DAW Books on March 27, 2007

Writing history

Rothfuss earned his B.A. The name of the wind was written during the nine-year advance period. in English. He was inspired by the idea that he wanted a completely new kind of book that did not have the usual features of fiction.

Prior to its release, an excerpt from the novel was released as a short story titled The Road to Levinsir, which won the Writers of the Future competition in 2002. A sequel titled Wise Man’s Fear was released on 1 March 2011 by DAW Books.


The Kingkiller Chronicle takes place in the imaginary world of Temerant, a large continent known as the Four Corners of Civilization, divided into many different countries and cultures. Most people in the world follow a similar religion, although not the same as medieval Christianity. Coexisting with the mortal world is the region of The Fai, a parallel universe inhabited by supernatural beings that can move between the two places only when the Moon is full. Magic also exists in Temperate but follows a well-defined set of rules and principles that can only be exploited by those who have trained in its professional and scientific use.

After the novel begins, readers listen to an old narrator of an old wizard named Taberlin the Great, who was captured by evil creatures called Chandrian. Rescuing them, Taborlin fell from a great height – but since he knew “Pawan’s name”, he called him and Pawan came and set him down safely. In later parts of the book, the characters often suspect such stories. Some types of magic at university are taught as academic subjects and have applications in daily life (those who can afford it may buy magical lamps, for example, compared to candles used by poor people Much better). However, the majority of the population does not have reliable knowledge of magical subjects and many still suspect that magicians may actually invoke the wind. Chandrayan — whose presence is perceived by blue flames — is often dismissed as a mythical bogeyman.

In the rural town of Nure, the Weinstone Inn is managed by a beggar named Cote and his assistant Bast. It turns out that Côté is indeed the famous quoth: an unequaled sword fighter, wizard and musician, rumored to have killed a king – earning the title Kingkiller – and caused the current war in which the civilized world is embroiled. Bast is an assistant and student of Kvothe and a prince of Fae. Kvothe has gone into hiding and assumes Quote’s identity to keep a low profile. Quoth, spider-like creatures known as crawlers, are known as the screen. Upon agreeing, Kvothe tells Chorley that it will take three days (according to the planned trilogy of novels).

Quoth begins his story during his childhood when he lived among a troupe of highly reputed traveling artists known as Edma Ruh. His loving parents train him as an actor, singer and lute player from an early age. He does very well in all these as in every other area in which he rotates his hand. The congregation acquires scholar and artist Abanti, who trains votes in science and empathy: a discipline that links to allow manipulation of one physical object from another. Kvothe also calls Anthi to shut down the suspected townspeople, allowing this control and vows to find the title “the name of the wind”.

Quoth’s father, the famous Bard Earliden, begins to compose what was the greatest of his works – a song by the ancient tragic hero Lanre. For this composition, Earliden begins to gather all the various anecdotes of the mythical Chandrayaan and tries to get the kernel of truth behind them – without explaining how it relates to Lanre. This investigation gives fatal results. When the congregation sets up camp, Quoth’s mother sends her to gather sage in the surrounding forest. Upon returning, he finds his parents and all members of his congregation dead, and all-too-real Chandrion is sitting around the campfire, which turns blue. Apparently, he disliked Earliden’s researches and came to silence him and everyone else with whom he shared his findings. Eleven-year-old Quoth is on the point of being killed by a Chandrian named Cinder when their leader Lord Heliaux pressures him to leave them due to the approach of some mysterious enemy.

Alive and alone, the heavily traumatized Kuwote spends three years as a beggar and pickpocket in the slums of Harbin City. Hearing the story of a storyteller, he breaks out of life after the death of his beloved wife, as hero Lanre becomes a renegade, goes against the evil forces he had fought and destroyed the cities whose He was charged for protection and then changed his name and himself became Lord Heliaux, terrified of Chandrian. Before Kvotta can ask for more, the storyteller is arrested by the leading church on charges of domination.

The Quoth then vows to come to the university, whose vast archives contain all kinds of accumulated knowledge, even on the Chandrayaan. After a great effort to obtain some minimal funding for both clothes and travel, he sets out. Ann Marg Quoth gets enamored with a talented young woman, known as Danna, who is a musician like herself. Keith enters university despite a lack of tuition funds and works decently as a student, but faces constant poverty and rivalry with wealthy student Ambrose Zakis and the arrogant Master Hemme, who sees Kothot abused Receive lashing for. Kovot is banished from the archives due to a move by Ambrose, hindering his research on Chandrian, although he does very well in other fields of study, advancing very quickly to academic degrees and some loyalists. Receives friends. Kvothe buys a marauder despite his poverty and performs brilliantly at a famous musical tavern to earn money, where he again befriends Denna as well.

Hearing the news of blue fire and murder at a rural wedding, he suspects Chandrian and visits the site. There, Quoth and Dena meet a local farmer who had reported a blue fire, and later, as they are searching for Chandrian, they encounter a gracious, before being killed by Quoth. Destroys the local city. He succeeds in finding out the reason that Chandrian murdered all the participants of the wedding: the bride’s father had dug into the earth and discovered an old vessel containing all seven Chandrayaan’s paintings; They came to fix the pot and could kill anyone they saw.

Back at university, Ambrose taunts Kvoth and breaks his lute. In a fit of rage, the Quotes inadvertently call the name of Wind, breaking Ambrose’s arm in the process. As a result of the collision, Kvothe is sentenced for further lashing, but eviction is avoided. Thanks to his apparent magical aptitude, he has been promoted into the ranks as a student under the patronage of Master Numer Elodin.

Currently, at the inn, a mercenary protector attacks an alleged skin dancer and kills one of them. When Kevon seems unsuccessful in helping the magic, the skin dancer dies after local blacksmith apprentice Aaron strikes Aaron nearby with a rod of iron. The first day ends when Quoth completes the first chapter of his story and sits down for the night after a ruckus in the city. At night, Bast sneaks into Crossler’s room and reveals that Crossler’s arrival was part of his plan. He threatens Crotler by allowing Cote to focus on the more heroic aspects of his story, in the hope that he will renounce his apathy and return to his former heroic self.

In the epilogue, it is believed that Bast’s apprehensions are well established, as Kevoth is currently described as merely “waiting for a man to die”.

The Name of the Wind Novel by Patrick Rothfuss

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The Name of the Wind Novel by Patrick Rothfuss Book free Download

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