The Mists of Avalon Novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Mists of Avalon Novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Mists of Avalon is a 1983 fantasy novel by American author Marion Zimmer Bradley, in which the author described the Arthurian legends from the perspective of female characters. This book follows Morgan’s trajectory (often called Morgan Le Fé in other works), a priest is fighting to save Celtic culture in his country, where Christian religion threatens to destroy the pagan way of life. gives. Epic Gwenhawfor, Vivian, Morgan, Egren and Arthurian legend focuses on the lives of other women.

Avalon’s Mistos is unlike most other Arthurian stories of retailing, which continually puts Morgan Le Fay away as a one-dimensional evil sorcerer, little or no explanation for his remarks on the round table. In this case, Morgan is presented as a female with unique gifts and responsibilities, which occur during heavy political and spiritual upheaval, which is said to protect its indigenous heritage against impossible obstacles is.

The story is told in four major parts: “Book One: Mistress of Magic”, “Book to: The High Queen”, “Book Three: The King Stag”, and “Book Four: The Prisoner in the Oak”. This novel was a best-seller on its publication and is still popular today. Bradley and Diana L. Paxson later expanded the book in the Avalon series.


The Mists of Avalon is a generation of extant Arthurian legends that bring it back to its Brythonic Celtic roots (see Britain’s point of view). The plot tells the story of women who influence the King of Britain, King Arthur and the people around him.

Morgan, the main character of the book, is the priest of Avalon, who is the half-sister of King Arthur. Her mother, Igrren, marries Pendragon after Morgan’s biological father, Gorellis, who was killed in battle. Avalon had rumors spread that Igorin knew that her husband Gorillis was killed, before Uther consulted with Marilyn, who used her magic to convert the king into the parallels of Gorlól and thus, in Tintagel, Gain access to. They spent the night with him and he conceived a son Arthur. Morgan saw PantherGone’s arrival for the throne of Katharlon after his predecessor, Ambrosius’s old age. Uther becomes his stepfather, and his son and Eugren’s son, Arthur, is the half-brother of Morgene.

When Morgan is eleven years old and Arthur six, then Arthur’s life is attempted murder. His wife, the high priest Vivian, arrives in Carrollon and advises Oother that he frees Arthur from the court for his safety. Uther agrees, and also allows Vivian to take Morgan to Avalon, where he is trained as a goddess priest. During this period, Morgan becomes aware of the growing tension between the old pagan and new Christian religions. After seven years of training, Morgan is started as a mother’s priest, and Vivian starts preparing her as the next Lady of Avalon.

A few months after his initiation, Morgin is given a reproduction ritual to the higher King of Britain’s future. Their union is not to be personal, but there is a symbolic marriage between the future King and the land for defense. The next morning, Morgene and Arthur recognize each other and feel what they have done. Two months later, the morgine is destroyed to find out that she is pregnant.

Later, after fighting in the fight against Saxon invaders, Arthur claimed Britain’s throne despite questions about his legitimacy (he was conceived within days of his marriage to Euthagen from Uth Pendragan). Since Arthur should protect Britain against the Saxons, Vivian has made the mortgin an enchanted scabbard that will prevent him from losing blood and exorcise the holy sword. With the combined force of Avalon and Carolon, Arthur retreats the invaders.

As Morgan’s unborn child grows inside him, so his emotions and feelings of anger are against Vivian, who assures him that he betrayed his own half-brother in producing a child. Unable to stay at Avalon any time, she leaves for her aunt Morgos, the Queen of Lothian, where she tolerates her son, her name is Gwydion. Inspired by her husband Lot’s ambition and his own side, Morgoggel tricked Morgan to allow her son to be brought back. To avoid Lot’s unwanted progression, Morgan loses Lothian and waits for the High Queen, Gwenhuweeper in Arthur’s court. He does not see Gwydion again until he is older and is a druid priest.

When Gwenhawfor fails to produce an heir, he is convinced that God is punishing him for his sins. The main of them, as he believes, is their failure to celebrate Arthur for pagan religious practice in Britain, and his forbidden love for Arthur’s cousin and the finest knights, also known as Laylet. Although Lancel gets the love of Gwenhawffer, he is also Arthur’s friend and an honorable man. This situation causes terrible pain for both Lancelte and Gwenzhyfer.

On the eve of a decisive battle against the Saxons, Gwenheimer Arthur prevents his father’s Pendragon banner to be replaced and replace it with his own Christian banner. As his religious fanaticism increases, the relationship between Avalon and Camelot becomes stressful. Even so, in the frustration of her failure to take a child, she seeks help from Morgan, which threatens her having an extramarital affair so that she can become pregnant. In an attempt to stop Gwenheimer from doing so, Morgan revealed that Arthur has a son already, though he does not know this.

After the battle, Arthur takes his court to Camelot, which is more easily defended than in the Koran. Calling Lancelot and Gwen Huffer both of them free from the love of refusing to be caught in the trap of both of them, Morgin inspired Lancelaut to marry Gwen Häuffer’s cousin Elin. After some time, during a heated argument with Arthur on the lack of his heir, Gwenhawfor broke Morgan’s faith and told Arthur that he had a son. In rising suspicion and terror, Arthur calls Morgan and orders him to tell the truth. Morgan adheres. Now assuming that the lack of royal successor is the punishment of God for the Arthur union, though, with its own half-sister

Morgan married the Urines and moved to Wales, but at the same time, a relationship starts with Ekolan. The “old people” of the hills, who keep the old pagan way, believe Akoleon and Morgan as their king and queen. King Urians has no doubt, but Acolon’s older brother, Avaloch, begins. At one point, he personally encounters Morgan and tries to blackmail him in gold with him. Morgin sends Avaloch out on a pig hunting and is magically present when the pig kills him. In his grief for his elder son and heir, Urians lives away from pork throughout life. Morgan tells Akcoln, who is now Urius’s successor, who he had with Arthur years ago. He says that he should withdraw the state from Arthur and Christians and bring it back under Avalon. The coup fails in an attempt and Arthur kills the Ekolan in a single war. As Urens recovers from the shock of losing a second son, Morgan leaves Wales for ever.

Gavdian, now grown, goes to Saxon courts to learn war from Arthur’s eyes. Impressed by their dexterity, Saxons named them Morred (“Evil Council”). Years later, in a Pentecost feast in Camelot, she presents herself as the son of Queen Morgan and the foster son of Queen Morgan’s, though she calls the Queen Morgans “Mother” and Morgan as her name. Due to being close to Lanslet, she must often tell people that Lancelot is not her father. To earn his nighthood with suspicion of preferential treatment, Gwydien challenged Lancelot for a single encounter during a tournament and he fought. As they start to fight in earnest, Gwenwhiefer, who in the meantime has become hot for the Gwydian, opposes and hinders Arthur’s match. Lancel Gwydion creates a knight of the round table, gives it the name of the mordred.

Morgan returns to Camelot with another sister from Avalon during another Pentecost festival. Demonstrating great magic, Morgan and his sister reveal the sacred grill – one of the holy Regalia of Avalon. The assembled court saw the disclosure of Grill as a sacred revelation. When the Knights of the Round Table are left to search for the Holy Grail, then Mordred attempts to grab the throne. In a climate battle, Arthur and the Battle of Morred and Arthur’s forces are fatal. Morgan dies while taking Arthur to Avalon, assures him that he has not failed in his attempt to save Britain from dark times. Arthur dies in his arms because the shoreline is visible. Morgan bury her in Avalon and she lives there to tell the story of Camelot.

The Mists of Avalon Novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley

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