The Iron King Book by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King Book by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King is the first book of the Iron Fay series of Julie Kagawa. Meghan Chas has been featured on the cover.

The Blurb

My name is Meghan Chase.

In less than twenty four hours, I will be 16 years old. Numerous stories, songs and poems have been written about this wonderful age when a girl gets her true love and the stars shine for her and the beautiful prince on a white horse takes her to the sunset.

I do not think this will happen to me like this. I wonder what’s in the store.

Meghan Chase has a secret destiny – which he never imagined …

Meghan’s life is always felt in some way, since his father had disappeared from the eyes of his eyes at the age of six. He is never very fit at school or at home.

When a dark stranger starts watching him from a distance, and his best friend becomes oddly protective to him, Meghan senses that whatever he knows he is going to change.

But she could never guess the truth that she is the daughter of a mythical king and has a pawn in a fatal war. Now Mishhan will learn how far she goes to save somebody, about which she stops a mysterious evil, does not have the courage of any creature creature … and to find love with a young prince who Rather than touching its icy heart, it can see dead. .

Detailed Plot Summary

Meghan’s younger brother, Ethan, begins to start strangely and hurt people, for some reason, including him. His best friend Robbie finds him struggling with him and he realizes that real ethan has been abducted and replaced by a changing, although he does not know who the switch was held. It is revealed that Robbie is actually Robin Goodfellow (nicknamed Pook), a powerful Summer Fay from Sally Court. The answer lies in the world of sadness, with its real brother, otherwise known as the Navyvernor.

When they come to The Neveren, they are hunted by the prince Ash, the best friend of the puck and the sworn enemy, the Prince of the Uniseedy Court. Pac leaves mehban in a tree and goes to deal with ash. Meghan is met by a straight named Grimcalin, which is like Cheshire Cat.

He agrees to take him to the Summer Court, in exchange for a human year there is a festival in Fairy, during which two courts, summer and winter, rewrite and sign contracts and treaties. There is also a banquet and dance. During the aliassium mehban it is said to dance by Ash. By this time Puck Summer had returned to the court, but as punishment, Oberon was left as a bird. Suddenly, a chimera attacks and ruins the dance. Ash protects Meghan from it. The Winter Queen, MaB blamed Summer King, Oberon for the assault, which annoys his wife, Summer Queen Tatiana, although later it has been revealed that the chimera was being controlled by other forces.

Winter leaves the court and gives Meghan a chance to escape because he thinks that the mb, the Queen of Winter Court has taken her brother. He leaves with Graemalkin a secret passage in the human world, who searches for a place for the place of Tir Na Nog, Winter area and Anselly Court. Meghan goes with Grimmlinin and he searches for Trigger Nog, but there was some problem with the owner, but the Puck comes unwantedly and helps.

On the other side of the door, they are unfortunately congratulated by Ash. He was sent by MiB to get Meghan so that he could use it against Oberon. Whenever Puck and Ash were fighting, Meghan was taken to an iron cave in an iron cave near a big horse. Iron Horse told him that he had his brother in the Iron Court because King Makina wanted to slap him and went to him to pick him up. After saving her, which she later regretted, Ash made a deal with Meghan, which said that she would go to the Iron Court to find her brother and she will go to Tir Nogue later. In the human world, back to Meghan, Ash, Grammilin and Pak New Orleans, seek the guidance of an orgy, who tells them to defeat the Iron King and to regain the brother of Meghan, They should be called Witchwood (called dwarfs), which turns Ash into an arrow that will kill Machina. Looking for all the druggers, who live on a tree in downtown, and on their way they are attacked by humans controlled by Iron Fay. They fight with humans, and are shot in the cooking process. Instead of letting him die, Meghan agrees to leave him with drugs, who provide his best hope for survival, and also gives a weapon to Meghan and Ash, who can kill the Iron King. Meghan and Ash continued to go to Iron House. They reach the iron area, although the ashes almost die in the process. Meghan battles Iron King and manages to kill him and claim his powers, which means that he now has both Summer and Iron Glamor. After his visit, Ash and Meghan realized that they had fallen in love with each other. Meghan returns home to Ethan and Ash also rarely returns home. While Meghan is talking to his mother, Ash goes to Anselly Court and retains the end of his contract.

The Iron King Book by Julie Kagawa

Name Of the Book: The Iron King

Name Of the Writer:  # Julie Kagawa

Book Format: Pdf, Hardcopy

Book Pdf Size: ± 10 Megabyte

Number Of Pages: 877

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Price: 8.98$

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