The God of His Fathers Book By Jack London

The God of His Fathers Book By Jack London: Silently the wolves circled the herd of caribou deer. Gray bellies close to the ground, the wolves in the pack surrounded a pregnant deer. They pulled her down and tore out her throat. The rest of the caribou herd raced off in a hundred directions. The wolves began to feed.

Once again the Alaska territory was the scene of silent death. Here, in its ancient forests, the strong had killed the weak for thousands and thousands of years.

Small groups of Indians also lived in this land at the rainbow’s end. But their Stone Age life was ending. Strange men with blond hair and blue eyes had discovered the lands of the North. The Indian chiefs ordered their warriors to fight them. Stone arrow met steel bullet. The Indians could not stop the strangers. The White men conquered the icy rivers in light canoes. They broke through the dark forests and climbed the rocky mountains.

One of these men sat in front of a tent, near a river. His name was Hay Stockard. Over the smoke and flames of his fire, he watched an Indian village not far from his own camp.

From inside his tent came the cry of a sick child, and the gentle answering song of its mother. But the man was not concerned now with them. He was thinking of Baptiste the Red, the chief of the Indian village, who had just left him.

“We do not want you here,” Baptiste had told him. “If we permit you to sit by our fires, after you will come your church, your priests and your God.” Baptiste the Red hated the White man’s God. His father had been an Englishman; his mother, the daughter of an Indian chief. Baptiste had been raised among White men.

When Baptiste was a young man he fell in love with a Frenchman’s daughter, but her father opposed the marriage. A Christian priest refused to marry them. So Baptiste took the girl into the forests. They went to live among his mother’s people. A year later, the girl died while giving birth to her first child.

The God of His Fathers Book By Jack London

Name Of the Book: The God of His Fathers

Name Of the Writer:  #Jack London

Book Format: Pdf

Book Pdf Size: ± 10 Megabyte

Number Of Pages: 166

Price: 9.99$

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