Neutral Tones Novel By Thomas Hardy

Neutral Tones Novel By Thomas Hardy: Neutral Tones is a poem that deals with love, reflection and emotional hurt. A relationship is about to end. The speaker looks back to a particular day when all seemed neutral, pale and lacking hope. Even the sun has let them down.

Thomas Hardy wrote the poem in 1867 but it wasn’t published until 1898, in Wessex Poems. Hardy had returned to his first love, poetry, having published his final novel Jude the Obscure in 1895.

Neutral Tones has a melancholic beauty about it. The bleak imagery evokes a scene of emptiness and spent joy; the two lovers have little of importance to say to each other and the speaker finds no solace in his ex-partner’s expression.
With the passage of time comes harsh reality – he has been taught a sharp lesson – love is sometimes a lie and has led him away from the truth.

Neutral Tones is a four stanza, 16 line poem, with a set rhyme scheme abba, all full end rhymes except for the slant rhyme rove/love in the second quatrain. Rhyme helps keep order and sense, which is what the speaker needs after such reflection?

With a mix of iambs and anapaests in tetrameter and trimeter there is a varied rhythm throughout. Enjambment helps maintain momentum, punctuation slows it down, most noticeably in the final stanza.

The first three stanzas focus on the past meeting of two lovers; the final quatrain is a reflection on that meeting, a memory. It is obvious from the speaker’s tone that they didn’t have much between them as they stood near the wintry pond. The reader is left to make their own conclusions.

Neutral Tones Novel By Thomas Hardy

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