City of Girls Novel by Elizabeth Gilbert

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert: Balad El Banat (Arabic: بلد البنات is) is a film by an Egyptian director, Amrit Bayumi, released in 2007 starring Farah Yusuf, Somiya Al Joini, Reyaz Hijab, Farida Al Zuraidi . The film was written by Ola L. Shafi and produced and distributed by Hani Girgis Fawji. The film revolves around the life experiences of four girls at the beginning of 20, as they move to the city of Cairo alone with the guidance of parents


The film depicts the lives of these four students gathered in a room at a university in Cairo city. The film begins with four main characters in various villages. Salma, Farah, Heba and Nihal are shown as children playing around in the village and must learn what is right and wrong from their parents. After moving to Cairo, they enter a university and meet each other while living under the principal’s rules. After graduating from the School of Information Studies, they all move into an apartment together in a conservative area where they work for the press. The development of his career and personal life begins after moving directly to the apartment and is no longer under surveillance. [2] As a reaction to moving into a new apartment without seeing anyone, four of them desire to experience socially inappropriate behavior such as smoking, drinking, dating and partying. Sophia, their neighbor, is a wise woman who acts like her mother and covers up her inappropriate behavior when her father stops by the apartment to check on them.

Salma, the smartest of the four girls, seeks a job and as she finds a suitable job that reflects her talent, the interviewer for the job attracts her attention and becomes so intimate with her that he falls in love with her. She starts doing After going out with her on several dates, and multiple perspectives from her, she still denies her attempts to be sexual. She plans to surprise him at her home on her birthday, but she realizes that he is cheating on her with several women. She enters a phase of depression that prompts her to actually cut her hair short.

The story then moves on to Farah, a girl who comes from a highly conservative Bedouin family and wears a veil at the beginning of the film. After graduating and moving to the apartment, she decides to remove her veil and live a new life full of freedom. As she begins attending parties and gatherings with her friends, she meets a married man and starts flirting with him because he has never experienced a man being in love with her. After drinking and smoking with her, she joins him for the first time in her life in an affair in her apartment. He continues to have an affair and experiences nightmares which reflect the mistake he has made. One of the four girls, Nihal, returns home angered by Farah. He considers it unfair because they live in very conservative neighborhoods. After a few cases with Farah’s man, she actually joins him.

Nihal’s life story begins with a relationship with an older married man. She acts like the smartest of the other three girls but gets into the deepest mistakes. Every time she makes minor mistakes of her friends, such as arriving home late, she tries to be happier than her friends by showing a conservative attitude. He gets angry at his friends when they are having fun because he always experiences a lack of attention from the old man whom he loves.

Heba is a girl with an insecure personality. She refrains from walking with her friends due to the pimples that cover her face. She loves reading novels and watching movies as an activity to meet her needs and seeks love that is not visible. Whenever she tries to have a relationship with a man, she tries to avoid him which frustrates him the most time and lets him avoid meeting other men.

After introducing four characters in the film, the trouble begins when Farah tries to confront the man with whom she becomes pregnant. He refuses to help her, which makes Salma stand on her behalf by paying the bill to miscarry the child in the clinic. At the end of the film, they all feel that the way they have shaped their decisions is wrong and begin to determine their lives in a new way. Farah decides to go back to the village she comes from, while Salma continues her work as a journalist. Also, Heba is insecure about looks, but tries to live a normal life without depression. As Nihal, she continues her journalistic career by delivering a speech at a conference at the Society of Civil and Human Rights advocating for greater rights in Egypt.

City of Girls Novel by Elizabeth Gilbert

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