Cinder Novel by Marissa Meyer

Cinder Novel by Marissa Meyer

Cinders is America’s first young adult science fiction novel by Marissa Mayer, published by Macmillan Publishers through its subsidiary Fiewell and Friends. This is the first book of The Lunar Chronicles and after that Scarlett is. This story is based on classic fiction Cinderella. Cinders was selected as one of IndieBound’s Kids Next List for 2012.


The story is set in a future city, New Beijing, when the countries of the world have reconstructed to create various new empires and alliances and the moon has been colonized. Asia is now an emperor ruled country known as the Eastern Commonwealth. Letimosis is a deadly disease introduced by Luners and is named “Blue Fever”, which is rife throughout the world and the treatment is unknown. The hero, Linder Cinder, is a cyberbauer who operates a mechanic stall in a local street market in New Beijing, and lives with the patronage of his two step sisters, Linh Pearl and Linh Penny with his brutal stepmother, Linha Adri. At the beginning of the story, he meets Prince Kai, who asks him to fix a personalized Android. Cyborg is considered as a second-class citizen, so Cinders hides his identity from Kai. Soon, after going to a junkyard with Cinders to collect spare parts for a repair, Peony gets sick with letumosis. In anger, Cinderer’s stepmother “volunteers” cinder for plague research. When the cinder is injected with the stress of latumosis, it is known that it is immune to the disease. Dr. Erland, the leading researcher, starts researching Cinder’s immune system, which leads to Cinder’s unique physiology, his Syborg transplantation, and finally at the age of eleven, before he becomes a Cyberborger, to research the life of the cinder. , Whose cinder does not have any memory.

At the same time, Prince Kai’s father, Emperor Rican, dies from plague, resulting in Prince being the emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth. Under the leadership of Queen Levana, there is pressure to create an alliance between Earth countries and Moon country, Luna. Luners have the ability to manipulate the bio-diversity of the people around them and what they want to see them and they have the ability to control their thoughts and actions. The proposed alliance is through the marriage of Queen Lewah to Emperor Kai, however, Emperor Kai wants to get rid of this plan by finding someone else to marry first. He is also searching for information about the right lunar heir, who was watching his Android before breaking up. Earth believed that Princess Salen, the daughter of the late Lunar Queen Chainry Blackburn, somehow survived the nursery fire set up by Queen Levana. To prevent Kai from going to the wedding, Levana brings a bottle of Latium antidote, which Cinders tries to save Pini, but it is too late. After Peony’s death, Lin Cindor preserves Peony’s ID chip and after taking it out he takes it with him that the chips of the victims have been cut after his death due to unknown reasons. For this reason, Lynn Adri punished Cinders for breaking Ecko, Cinders’ partner Android, selling valuable pieces and leaving Echo’s personalities chip, and banned from visiting the annual peace ball.

Dr. Erland told Cinderer that he was a lunar, which resulted in his immune system against lettomosis. However, Cinders does not show any lunar capabilities, it is believed that it opens up, or makes the moon the ability to manipulate biodiversity without any bio-diversity. Dr. Erland also disclosed that he is a lunar fugitive living on earth and the moon created the plague to target the earth and weaken it. Luna’s newborn Shell daughter was removed in accordance with the laws of Luna Shell shell embryonic killing, because sheel can not be controlled by the lunar capabilities and can pose a threat to levana. Cinders fix Android’s Kai’s nancy, and discover that she is researching Princess Selen, who is believed to have been killed by her aunt, Levana, when she is solely responsible for the throne There was a child to eliminate. Cinder also shows a lunar chip embedded in Nancy, which was the reason for early breakdown of Android. Through the lunar chip, which appears to be used for direct communication outside the network, the cinder is contacted by a lunar girl, who warns that Levna intends to marry Kai and become her queen He kills him after.

The story ends with an annual ball, where the mysteries are discovered and the characters have to decide on their future. Cinder has warned Kai about the predecessors of Leva, but her identity is identified as a cyber and a moon, and she attempts to assassinate Levana, in her attempt on the stairs outside the palace Loses its leg There is no alternative except to agree to hand over Leander to arrest Cinderer in New Beijing prison near Kai and save Earth from the Moon attack. Later in Cindere’s Prison Cell, Dr. Erland toured Cindy and revealed that Cinders was actually Luna’s lost princess Celine. The badly injured Baby Celine was secretly taken to Earth, where she was rescued from going through cybernetic operation. Cinder’s lunar capabilities were suppressed by a chip that his stepfather had established his neck during the operation.

Cinder Novel by Marissa Meyer

Name Of the Book: Cinders

Name Of the Writer:  #Marissa Mayer

Book Format: Pdf, Hardcopy

Book Pdf Size: ± 10 Megabyte

Number Of Pages: 876

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