A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Novel by Betty Smith

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Novel by Betty Smith

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a semi-autobiographical 1943 novel written by Betty Smith. The story focuses on a frail but aspiring teenage girl and her family living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City during the first two decades of the 20th century.

The book was an immense success. It was also released in an armed service version, the size of a large market paperback, to fit in a similar pocket. A Marine wrote to Smith, “I cannot articulate the emotional reaction that took place in this dead heart … a torrent of confidence has swept through me, and I think that perhaps a fellow has a battle in this world.” The chance is finally there. “

The book’s main metaphor is the Hardy Tree of Heaven, whose continued ability to thrive and flourish in the inner city also reflects the hero’s desire to improve himself.


The novel is divided into five “books”, each covering a different period in the characters’ lives.

Book One

Book One opens in 1912 and introduces 11-year-old Frankie Nolan, who lives with his 10-year-old brother Cornelius (for “Neely” Short) and his parents, Johnny and Katie, in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Tenement neighborhood. Frankie relies on her imagination and her love of reading to provide temporary liberation from the poverty that defines her daily existence. From cleaning up apartment buildings to Katie’s wages, children’s junk sales and odd jobs, Johnny and Johnny’s erratic earnings as a singing waiter keep the family up. His prohibition makes it difficult for him to hold a steady job, and he sees himself as a disappointment to his family. Frankie praises her because she is as beautiful, talented, imaginative and passionate as she is. Katie has little time for emotion, as she is the bread-maker of the family who has given up fantasies and dreams for survival.

Book Two

The Book to Jump meets Johnny and Katie, teenage children of immigrants from Ireland and Austria, 1900, respectively. Although Johnny is terrified and Katie begins to drink when she first becomes pregnant with Frankie and then Neely, Katie pledges her children to follow her mother’s insistence that she get a good education . Kate opposes Frankie because the child is constantly ill, while Neeley is more strong. Katie makes a promise to herself that her daughter should never know about her choice for Neely. During the first seven years of his marriage, due to Johns’ public outrage at first and later by children’s aunt Sissy’s attempts to mislead him with children, Nolan was forced to move twice within Williamsburg. is done. Nolans then arrives at the apartment offered in Book One.

Book Three

N Book Three, Nolan settles into his new home, and seven-year-old Frankie and six-year-old Neely begin attending a public, crowded school located next door. Frankie also enjoys learning in these gloomy surroundings, and with the support of Johnny gets himself transferred to a better school in a different neighborhood. Johnny’s attempt to improve the children’s minds fails, but Katie helps Frankie grow into a person and saves his life by shooting a child rapist / murderer, who is in his 14th Shortly before the birthday tries to attack Frankie. When Johnny learns that Katie is pregnant again, he falls into a depression, which leads to his death from alcohol-induced pneumonia on Christmas Day 1915. Katie cash in on Johnny and the children in the family’s life insurance policies and uses the money, their earnings from school jobs, to bury Johnny and save the family in 1916. New children Annie Laurie is born May, and Frankie is from grade school in June. The graduation allows Frankie to come to an end with the reality of his father’s death.

Book Four

At the beginning of Book Four, Frankie and Neely take the job, as they do not have the money to send them to high school. Frankie first works in an artificial-florists factory, then gets a better-paying job in a press clipping office after lying about his age. Although she wants to use her salary to start high school in the fall, Katie decides to send Neely instead, arguing that she will only continue to learn when she is forced into it, while Frankie She will find a way to do it herself. Once the United States enters World War I in 1917, the clipping office rapidly declines and closes, sacking Francis. After working as a teletype operator, she makes a new plan for her education, dropping out of high school and taking summer college-level courses. She passes with the help of a friendly and high school student, Ben Blake, but fails the college entrance exam. A brief encounter with Lee Rhinor, a soldier preparing to move out of France, leads to heartbreak after pretending to be in love with Frankie when he is actually about to get married. In 1918, Katie accepted an offer of marriage to Michael Macsen, a retired police officer who has long admired her and became a wealthy businessman and politician since leaving the force.

Book Five

As soon as Book Five begins, the same year, Franci, now almost 17 years old, quits her job. She is about to start classes at the University of Michigan, pass the entrance exam with Ben’s help, and is considering the possibility of a future relationship with her. Nolan prepares to attend Katie’s wedding and McShane’s home from his Brooklyn apartment. Frankie pays a final visit to some of her favorite childhood locations and depicts all those who have come and gone in her life. He is amazed at how much Johnny’s character lives on Neeley, who has become a talented jazz / ragtime piano player. Before she leaves the apartment, Frankie notices the Tree of Heaven, which grows in the building’s yard and sprouts again despite all attempts to destroy it, seeing her family’s ability to overcome adversity and adventure. A metaphor of In the habits of Florrie, a neighborhood girl, Frankie sees a version of her young self, survives the fire with a book and prepares for her dates by looking at the young women in the neighborhood. “Hello, Frankie”, Frankie says, to Florrie, and then, “Goodbye, Frankie” as she closes the window.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Novel by Betty Smith

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